Two Magic Number

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A selection of my favorite matching, and not matching, couples from last MBFWM. Two is the magic number and outfits look better when shared with your girlfriend, best friend, roommate, etc… Complicity for two being fashion a good looking crime, I think that is a good way to describe this selection.

I couldn’t help but add a bonus teen hard rock couple from Barcelona.

In order of appearance: Lucia Millet, model and Alvaro Naive from The The Storage vintage boutique,  Federico and Adriana Roslin with Unvers trouser and necklace, and Prada bag, Carlota and Pol with Adidas Stan Smith and Aquascutum trench, Alba and Juan, with W.I.A. dress and Wellnes cap, Mar del Hoyo and Adrià Cañameras with Ailanto outfit, Soraya “Sor Yasmin” (my favorite MBFWM look of the season by the way) and Filip Custic, Javier de la Blanca and Clara, D. Gómez from PXXR GVNG and Angela H with Sisyphe cap and sweater.