Total Top Guys

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There is life in menswear fashion beyond sporty blacks, whites and navy blues. Here we go this time with a selection of trends from the other side of the road; asymmetries, colourful prints and patterns, shiny fabrics and… yes, yes, that magnificent Raf Simons and Sterling Ruby collaboration. Al of them spotted last month at MBFWM and 080 Barcelona Fashion Week.

In order of appearance: Javier de la Blanca with asymmetric shirt, own design, Eder Aurre with orange Laga scarf, Abel Báguena with Paco Benavente  total look, Juanfra from “Mainstream Canarias” magazine, with London pinstripe suit and vintage 60′s fur coat, the Moya twins with a selection of three looks, the first one wiht Kevin Fernandez jackets, the second one with Selim de Somavilla total look and the third from Krizia Robustella with Reebok Pumps. Pepino & Crawford wear shiny David Delfín looks and last but not least Felipe Salgado with that magnificent Raf Simons/Ruby Sterling F/W 2014 coat.