S*W*G Mermaid

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If you are reading this you may already know that No Thanks by Ramiro E had from the very begining a landmark, that moment where the Apple Store kids where first spotted and photographed. The Swag Generation, you saw them here first. My point is that these photos I took them with the precious help of Mireia Mermaid, this girl has a charismatic way of approaching strangers in the street so she was the definitely best alliance to say hi to these Apple Store boys and girls and ask them to take their photo. This moment happened before having the knowledge that they were so social network friendly, they still looked a bit intimidating to me.

But much more than that Mireia is an amazing girl, she can be a sassy sexy pin up, a heavy metal kid that never forgets to wear her Chanel Rouge à Lèvres and a glowingly smooth skin texture. If you check her witty Facebook status you can also see that she has a personal sense of humour. Mireia you are a precious mind.