Run Baby Run

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It’s MBFWM again. Every year the same Ifema backgrounds, the same people, the same light. Every season highlight is the chance to discover a new Bright Young Face. Last september edition I met for the first time the one and only BYF of ladylike muse Angela Huete. So this year it’s time to celebrate the ephemeride, it’s time to play . It’s not easy to replace the impact of photographing someone for the first time, but Angela is full of creativity and non stop childish and magic energy. This time she chose clothes from her two favorite designers at El Ego Showroom; David Catalán and Victor von Schwarz, which happen to be my favorites too. Angela also chose to dance, to play with oversize sweater sleeves and with the transparencies of a see-through dress. Running and posing with socialités couple Pepino & Crawford was also her one and only choice.

Run Baby Run Angela. You Rule. You Got It.

In order of appereance Angela is wearing; oversize sweater with removable bag by David Catalán, see through pink crop top with fisherman hat and black pleated see through dress both by Victor von Schwarz. Pepino & Crawford are dressed in Ana Locking colour block suits.