Primavera Hunt

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Ok, so I’m back. It’s been so long since my last post, thought I would never make it but here I am again. I’ve had these last months some life changing events related with my “profession” that kept me away from the streetstyle routines. I’m really happy about my new situation because I really needed this “streetstyle pause”. It happened I stopped enjoying it when the moment of hitting the streets arrived.

Primavera Sound Festival offered the perfect chance to come back and look for some unique people and styles, free as a bird this time, with no commissions from commercial fashion websites.

I took these photos on a saturday evening, while Patti Smith and Tobia Jesso Jr where playing at the same time (Tobias Jesso by the way was probably my fav melodic moment of the festival) This time of the day, when the sun starts setting is the best moment to look and hunt and photograph. What I found… London couples drinking wine, photographer twitter related tee shirts, Black Flag tongue in cheek tribute, movida de Vigo inspired looks, Xisca & Peidron beauties and an elf like little 21st century little Bjork in vintage apparel.

Primavera Hunt Rulez.