Marie Tooth

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You only need a bright mustard suit combined with colourful sneakers to succeed, but there is much more than that with Patricia Aibar A.K.A. Patruc. This eternal teenager (“always seventeen”) was one of my first and favorite “e-it girls”, girl of the month and girl of the year.

“Marie Tooth” is the name of her artistic project which I knew from the very begining, since she first launched it as a “marketing meets art” idea. But of course, with her first solo exhibition called Fragility it’s easy to discover that there is much more than that “marketing-art” philosophy, to set it straight, there is ART.

First with Patruc’s Tumblr researchs and then with her illustrations ,”Marie Tooth” has discovered us the beautiful side of darkness or the dark side of beauty. The new watercolours selected for the “Fragility” show are awesome…. Patricia, if you read this, I know you don’t like to consider it as beautiful, forgive my words, I know there is much more than that ;D

The launching event was also very special, The Secret Room providing a touch of privacy and the soft & cool Awwz music providing the intimacy. It was perfect. Congrats.