The Kids
R Alright

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There is a kool new bunch in town. Sounds like good news. Looks even better. Every season at 080 and MBFWM fashion weeks I normally spot a couple of bright young new faces, but this time in Barcelona a whole bunch came altogether for the price of one. They are young, they run green, they are not swaggers and they are alright.

All of these girls and one boy were spotted at last 080 Barcelona Fashion Week. In order of appearance: Marta & Albert, Bet with Nice Things coat and Urban Outfitters sunglasses, Paula with lilac Asos coat, Custo BCN bag and Alexander Wang x H&M leggins, Agata Ferrando with Nikon film camera, Gala S├ínchez with Zara Coat and Urban Outfitters trouser and Clara Agut with “Wham!” Mango clutch.