Chicos de hoy
en día

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Classy Boys at last MBFWM and 080 fashion weeks. Modern Classy in black, white,  grey and navy blue. Modern Classy Sporty. Chicos de hoy en día.

In order of appearance: Jorge Santiuste with Paul & Joe coat, Jason with 100% parisian style Zadig & Voltaire pullover, Sandro shirt and Hermès scarf, Antonio de Norberto with Zara women sneakers, Ruben from Sublime Pebbles Vintage blog with Asos sweater and Rick Owens Adidas X sneakers, Aleix Martos with Camper shoes and Alexander Wang x H&M sunglasses, Yulffi with H&M korean parka, Elo del Valle with Bimba & Lola coat and David Delfín bag, Jota with The Concrete finely tailored trousers, Edrien with Decathlon and H&M sporty clothes and Lidl sneakers, Ruben from The Awaking of Style blog with COS pullover and All Saints jeans