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I’m so happy to show at last these photos of Angela Huete, La Chica Revoltosa, my favorite girl. But Angela is much more than that, she can be my muse and my friend, she can even be my adopted fantasy daughter, as crazy as it may sound. I mean what I write. That is the feeling I got when she came to visit us for a long weekend a few months ago, behaving as if she was our ( Xisca & mine) own daughter. The thing that Angela still didn’t know then is that Xisca and me were expecting a baby.

The day we shot these photos Angela behaved in a really funny and childish mood (it was not the first time). As Angela was getting right out of bed I started shooting while she was having her milk and cookies breakfast, from that moment we didn’t stop taking photos, we also kept playing with clothes, with poses even with words and recollections. For the video (you can check it below) we talked about topics as diverse as scary autopsies from violent Latin American countries, we also talked about Angela’s dog named Fabio, she even told me a story about a suicidal donkey. This recorded conversation was so crazy that I never managed to fit in in the video, what a shame.

About the clothes, the beautiful clothes and outfits that Angela stylishly chose, here they are in order of appearance; Angela’s own sleeping gown, pleated (at the back) dress from Steven Tai, Gómez tee shirt, Bernhard Willhelm  leggins, Raf Simons long sleeved red knitwear, vintage 90′s “zig-a-zig-ah” styled lurex dress and vintage silver swimsuit, both from Los Féliz and “grape inspired” ballet school costume from Angela’s own wardrobe.