Azca City

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Introducing Adriana Roslin.

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“La semana fantástica de El Corte Inglés”; It could be the perfect definition of a fantastic morning spent with this month’s new face Adriana Roslin. Adriana has a distinctive clean and minimal and a bit normcore dress code, and she has a charming boyish haircut too. As a photographer she also has a very clean and sharp style, so when looking for the best option of place where we could meet and take her photos I thought “let’s go to Azca. Adriana’s neat style will perfectly match the straight and clean landscape of this area”. Things though did not turn out as I expected. Azca is such a decadent part of Madrid now. Much better. This “decadanse” worked perfectly, the autumn feel of the landscape also helped and Adriana easily introduced herself in the flesh of a “cindyshermanesque” film still character.

One last enlightenment happened when we were taking our last photos of the session. Suddenly I realised that “El Corte Inglés” sign looked so good as a backdrop in the photo, it worked! maybe beacuse it was the definitive sign of the decadence of something… the graphic decadence of a department store, of a company, the decadence of a country. Why not.