Ashes Of Love

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Ashes Of Love, Broken Flowers, Danny Harle, PC Music… S-O-N-A-R!!

Some silly style ideas about last Sonar: Vetements is the new Vetements, DHL is the new Yellow, Moustache is the new Beard, Tracksuit is the new Suit, Hair Dye is the new Men Cap,  Smile is the new Kool… I know, it’s silly.

In order of appearance: Margaret from the United States of America, Raquel from Loewe, Kris Stölhe and Harley, top curators, Alba Loughlin Ashes of Love Girl, Vicente Ferrer the definitive I-D Boy, Barbara DHL lady, Adriana Roslin new photography sensation, Laura Cataldi from Zurich, Akanksha Sharma, fashion designer from Delhi, Anna Baqués GIRLZINE muse, Pablo Braceli, product manager, Andrés Mellinas, ESCAC boy, smiling couple, Stefano, Aina Reig, Levante Queen, Clara Casey singer songwriter from the Bronx, Georgia & Marc, Huge Danny Fans.