Apple Store Bunch


Everytime I walk by the Apple Store at Plaça de Catalunya in Barcelona, almost everyday , I can’t help stop looking at the bunchs of teens (boys mixed with girls, boys with boys, girls with girls) that hang out at that very specific corner.

A few years ago the teens meeting point  was El Corte Inglés/Portal del Angel corner ( I remember those crazy Amy Winehouse hair-dos, the emos..)   but now the Apple Store seems to be a much more cosmopolitan, contemporaine and cool choice and the looks and fashions of these gangs seem to have evolved.

I think that  this street phenomenology is unique in Spain and it is something exclusive from Barcelona. This mix of skater-hip_hop style and “quillo” attitude, the customisation of their looks, the way they occupy that public space, so centric and close to all the Paseo de Gracia fashion stores, those things make the difference. It’snot easy to put a tag on them, much better !

I shot these street portraits with the priceless and brilliant help of Mireia García (check her “Olivia the Mermaid” instagram). She is definitely the best street casting scout I have ever met I also love her looks and witty personality. That’s why we’ll publish very soon a new streetstyle post but these time Mireia will be th star.

Thanks to all the kids: in order of appearance: Issa, Erik, Cynthia, Jose and Maria





apple_store_06 apple_store_07 apple_store_08 apple_store_09